Öryggishjálmur PELTOR G2000 Međ UV-líftímamerkingu

Öryggishjálmur PELTOR G2000 Međ UV-líftímamerkingu. Stađall : EN 397. Hćđsti gćđaflokkur í classa i.e. -30°C, stífleikastuđull og bráđnuđum




Öryggishjálmur  PELTOR G2000 Međ  UV-líftímamerkingu

Vörunúmer 7-SK466135001
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
Öryggishjálmur - 3.315 kr.
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Öryggishjálmur  PELTOR G2000 Međ  UV-líftímamerkingu.

Stađall : EN 397.

Hćđsti gćđaflokkur í  classa  i.e. -30°C, stífleikastuđull á plasti  og bráđnuđum málmi (MM)


  • Material: UV stabilised high impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • High positioned ventilation holes for optimal air circulation.
  • Internal fittings with wide textile bands with no protruding parts.
  • Replaceable sweatband.
  • Vertically-adjustable internal fittings for maximal safety and best individual fitting.
  • Retainer for ear protectors and visor.
  • Openings at the helmet brim and in the internal fittings provide individual adjustment of ear protections in a large range of positions
  • G2000 is equipped with Peltor Uvicator which indicates UV radiation and shows when it's time to change helmet. The round Uvicator's colour is red on a new helmet and gradually fades as it is used outdoors. When the Uvicator has lost all its colour it's time to dispose of it.

Supplied without chinstrap.
Apprentice helmet red, with white markings on the helmet's exterior.

Complies with EN 397. 


Árstíg 6  |  600 Akureyri
Sími 460 1500  |  Fax 460 1501 
Álfhellu 12 - 14  |  221 Hafnarfirđi
Sími 533 5700  |  Fax 533 5705 
kt.460289-1309 | vsk. 499